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    Description & details
    The tailcoat is the king of festive men's clothing:
    Timeless, male, valuable - the official clothing
    for highly festive occasions. Not least because of this, he is often referred to as the large social suit, in England and now also in all of the rest Europe and America, the request to be fracked will be abbreviated with the dress code White Tie. 

    In France, this clothing rule is called Cravate Blanche.

    The rule of thumb is: the tailcoat is worn after 3 p.m. or even better after dark.
    The tailcoat is prescribed on very elegant weddings, balls, festive premieres, state bankets or at the receptions of the European royal houses as clothing - before 3 p.m. or before dark, man carries the frack of the day, the cuthay. 

    The styling and the combination of the individual elements count in the frack outfit. For the classic frack, a white, deeply cut Piqué vest is combined, a suitable white tail shirt with a piqué breast and a piqué loop. Classic, black paint leather shoes are combined for the perfect look.
    The highlight of the outfit: the cylinder. 

    The cylinder is the headwear
    For highly festive occasions in combination with a tailcoat, mostly foldable, therefore also Chapeau Claque.
    This type of headdress came into fashion in the first half of the 19th century.

    Perfect for the way
    The classic tailcoat and the silk scarf for the event.
    • Official men's clothing for highly festive occasions
    • Two interior pockets
    • Breast pocket
    • Kissing Buttons
    • Payed buttons with fabric
    • Made in Germany
    • Material: 100 % wool, inner lining: 100 % polyester
    • Care instructions: chemical cleaning

    Manufacturer product code: 401214/001

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