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    Saddle Soap 5oz

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    Description & details

    Don't be confused by the name. Our saddle soap can be used for all types of leather,
    Even for suede. Otter Wax Saddle Soap consists of our special mix of all-Natural bees Wax,
    Castille soap and oil eat to clean, protect and revive the leather. Dirt,
    Pour, fat and stains of all kinds have no chance if you use our saddle soap. With a
    Apply soft and dry cloth or with a soft bristle brush in water to dip around more foam
    to produce for deeper seats. Wipe the foam with a dry cloth and you're done.

    After use we recommend our Otter Wax Leather Salve for the original elasticity,
    To restore the shine and smoothness of the leather and of course also easy protection
    to offer in front of penetrating wet. Also to be used for leather shoes/ boots, jackets, belts, luggage,
    Handbags and of course also for ... saddles.

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