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    Conrad Hasselbach Shoes & and Garment Hamburg - since 1992 -

    It was once again 1992 ...

    The lack of affordable and high-quality English footwear for my generation was terrifying. This caused me to fill an old building in Hamburg Winterhude to the blanket with shoe boxes. Family and friends were the first customers. When the first friends advised Saturday morning for admission, the time had come for the first store.

    Not only were the mentioned shoes in Hamburg, lacking almost everything the Englishman understands the "Essential Kit". Militarily sliced ​​tweed jackets and cordurly, either the tweed check in pink or pants in purple. Fitted cuts with colorful west and striped stockings. Not only the shirts and blouses exclusively with "Double Cuff", but also cufflinks made of sterling silver and semi-precious stones.

    New friends of our clothing style we not only won through the shop in Winterhude, but also on events such as riding tournaments and private sales exhibitions.

    The online circuit of our idea is intended to maintain contact with our old and new friends distributed in Germany and Europe.